About Spencer

My Name is Spencer!  Thank you for visiting my on-line store.  I want to tell you a little bit about myself.  I am the youngest of three siblings.  I recently turned 14 years old; I am a Freshman in high school; and this is my first business venture.  Please don’t let my youth make you nervous to purchase from me, as I have great backing in this venture with my mom and dad, who have both encouraged me and helped me get my first business launched. 

Besides both of my parents, I have been greatly inspired by both of my older siblings: My older sister Ashley is absolutely amazing and is already a lawyer.  Prior to my older brother Peter passing away within the last year, he was Valedictorian of the high school I now attend, and he was well on his way to becoming a doctor.  So you can see I have had great role-models! And I am determined to be as great as both of my amazing siblings!

Whenever you see a rabbit with a stethoscope on my site, you will know this represents Dr. Rabbit! My amazing brother!  You will also notice a young woman with her mouth wide open talking and a finger pointing in one of my cartoon representations – and YES, this represents my awesome sister, who has always guided me with the best advice and has always pointed me in the right direction.   Mom and Dad watch quietly in the background and help when needed, and this has given me the courage to move forward. 

And of course, I can never forget my trusty sidekick, ROOSTER!  He is the greatest dog ever!  He has been by my side through many difficult days since he joined our family, and now he has given his expert canine input into making this store great; and for that reason, he has his own section of the general store, “Rooster’s Canine Corner”.  He plans to start giving “Rooster’s Weekly Recommendations.”  So stay tuned weekly, and check it out! 

Again, Thanks so much for visiting my store.  I hope you will find something really cool!

Best Regards,